This tool is designed to give you a format for quickly selecting the indoor units on our 2 pipe MiNi-SMMS VRF system, as well as enabling you to select the corresponding Outdoor unit. The calculation tool will enable you to quickly determine the total cooling, sensible cooling as well as heating performance of the chosen system. You will also have the ability to calculate the impact of fan speed, pipe runs and temperature range to ensure optimum performance of the system. For full selection data including pipe and wiring diagrams, please use the Toshiba piping programme.

How It Works

To use the tool, select the indoor unit size (choose by model code or hp rating). Then select the type of system I.E. wall mount, cassette etc. A drop down box will then display the unit details and also enable you to add quantities, change fan speed, temperature range and diversity etc.

To add additional units, simply click on the system size and code box and repeat the same process as previous. If you wish to delete a line, simply click on the relevant 'x' on the left hand margin. Outdoor units are then selected and system capacity and ratios are displayed.

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MiNi SMMSe 6 series Calculator

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Information within this calculation tool is for guidance only. For full and accurate data please refer to the relevant engineering manual.
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