The refrigerant calc tool is designed to make life easy when calculating the refrigerant charge needed for a VRF SMMSu installation, rather than checking through the manuals and using the formula details for the refrigerant charge. To use the tool, you will need to know the system equipment list you are working on and also the total amount of installed refrigerant pipe used on the project and particular liquid line sizes. The easy calculation tool does all the hard work on your behalf

How It Works

Simply select the SMMSu unit or combination Outdoor Model for example a MMY-MUP0801HT8P-E and then enter the relevant quantity (QTY) of Indoor Model Size connected to the system such as 007, 030, 048 etc...

Simply add the length of liquid pipes that you have installed in metres for each size of pipe used, so for example 10m of 3/8” pipe, 25m of 1/2” pipe and 40m of 7/8” pipe, and the calculator will provide the additional refrigerant charge that needs to be added to the system. The calc tool details the additional refrigerant charge and total system charge for the selected system.

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SMMSu Refrigerant Charge Calculation

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